Mirror mirror on the wall

A-S — The night started when I took a long hot shower in the grimy, poorly lit bathroom. I savored those moments of quiet warmth. I tried to follow a single drop of water with my eyes, but it would, without fail, get lost in the stream of other droplets before I could finish trackingContinue reading “Mirror mirror on the wall”

My ceiling fan at 2:53 a.m.

Camila Trimberger; Sheboygan, WI— My ceiling fan shakes to the rhythm of a clock  counting down the dog days of summer. I can hear MTV’s “Ridiculousness” playing on the TV in the next room. My eyes are heavy and my mouth is dry. I cannot help but lie on my stomach and wait for theContinue reading “My ceiling fan at 2:53 a.m.”

The next wave

Dana Richie; Atlanta, GA— I stood at the water’s edge, my feet planted firmly in the sand. I stared at the ocean’s endless cycle of crashing waves and wondered if and how I fit into all of this. Double-decker waves seemed to tower above me as they made their way closer, only to diminish intoContinue reading “The next wave”