today, tomorrow, and the next day

Talia Rodriguez (she/her); Garrett Park, MD— today i am in a new place tomorrow i will be home and the next day i will be off again papa says its normal mommy says she won’t cry apocalypse descending maybe i like the chaos i dream of big windows, airy a view of the greenery, studentsContinue reading “today, tomorrow, and the next day”

How can I be sustainable in college?

Abby, in nature. Abigail Murphy (she/her); Bethesda, MD— Hey Abby, I got to college about a month ago, and I’m now responsible for many more decisions than I was at home. With that in mind, I want to start leading a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle! Do you have some tips for that? Hey collegiate environmentalist,Continue reading “How can I be sustainable in college?”

I’m starting college during a pandemic. Weirdly, I miss strangers most.

Photo of Isabel Funk. Isabel Funk; Mercer Island, WA— My last day of school was March 12. I got up at the same time I always did. I drove to school. I went to all my classes. I ate lunch with the newspaper staff. There was a strange energy in the air, like the lastContinue reading “I’m starting college during a pandemic. Weirdly, I miss strangers most.”

My ceiling fan at 2:53 a.m.

Camila Trimberger; Sheboygan, WI— My ceiling fan shakes to the rhythm of a clock  counting down the dog days of summer. I can hear MTV’s “Ridiculousness” playing on the TV in the next room. My eyes are heavy and my mouth is dry. I cannot help but lie on my stomach and wait for theContinue reading “My ceiling fan at 2:53 a.m.”

How do I know if I should take a gap year?

Hey Abby,  The pandemic uprooted the end of my high school experience, and now my college situation doesn’t look great either. On the other hand, I’ve been looking forward to college for a long time, and I didn’t anticipate putting off that experience. How do I know if I should take a gap year?  HeyContinue reading “How do I know if I should take a gap year?”