How can I be sustainable in college?

Abby, in nature. Abigail Murphy (she/her); Bethesda, MD— Hey Abby, I got to college about a month ago, and I’m now responsible for many more decisions than I was at home. With that in mind, I want to start leading a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle! Do you have some tips for that? Hey collegiate environmentalist,Continue reading “How can I be sustainable in college?”

What can I do with my coronavirus summer?

A drawing by Abigail Murphy Abigail Murphy; Arlington, VA— Hey Abby,  What can I do with my summer amid coronavirus precautions and closures? Hey bored buddy, AHHHHHHHHHH ARGH ugh. I receive a lot of texts throughout the day. I mean, that’s expected. We are quarantined. I’m a teenager. In the past five months, I’ve rarelyContinue reading “What can I do with my coronavirus summer?”

Before a graduation.

A collage by Abigail Murphy Abigail Murphy; Arlington, Virginia— There’s an aching in my neck from leaning, Head slouched over shoulders, typing, reading,  Watching, rarely speaking. And myself—I Ache. Aching for a connection, feeling.  Rush of joy, excitement, sadness, feeling.  That feeling of uniting with someone Across space. Seeing their body, feeling Their presence. TwoContinue reading “Before a graduation.”