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A Guide to Gen Z Finance

How do I open an investment account?

In today’s column, I’ll walk you through the intrinsic first step in anyone’s investment portfolio: opening a brokerage account. 

A Column by

Michaela Wang

Everyone, at some point in their lives, must understand finance—whether our parents teach us how to fill out tax forms for our first summer job or our sudden post-grad financial independence forces us into a rabbit hole of investment YouTube videos. At the same time, the complexity of financial jargon (is an ETF an alien spaceship or a mutual fund?) paints an image of exclusivity: finance is inaccessible to young people and women of color while completely out-of-reach for those who lack the educational resources.

This column empowers you to take control of your finances—now. Budding econ major and investment connoisseur Michaela Wang deconstructs complex financial concepts into thorough and digestible guides to show you that money is easier and more accessible than you’d think. 

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