Seven poems for the time

Photo from Pexels. Elizabeth Derner; Washington MO— As protests, politics and the pandemic continually transform 2020, current and future poetry is sure to give voice to it all. While this critical moment unfolds, poems from a range of time periods can also converse with the current racism, tension and pain. Poetry has been a tremendousContinue reading “Seven poems for the time”

“Excuse Me Miss”- Street harassment and cat calling

Braiden Wade— Introduction A woman pulls up to the gas station, gets out of the car, and starts pumping her gas. The woman, trying her hardest to look unapproachable, hears a man say from afar,  “You too pretty to be frowning, smile for me.” The woman ignores him, “Damn B****, can’t get no response.” TheContinue reading ““Excuse Me Miss”- Street harassment and cat calling”

“Out with the old, in with the new”: Deep dive into Gen Z fashion

Braiden Wade— As I went into my freshman year of college, I began to think of what clothes to buy and what shoes to wear. I started to think deeper and question “what is fashion?” This became more than just what to wear on the first day of classes, but rather the meaning behind whatContinue reading ““Out with the old, in with the new”: Deep dive into Gen Z fashion”