A Wiccan Explains Her Witchcraft

Today, there could be as many as 1.5 million Americans who practice Wicca, a modern Pagan religion also called Pagan Witchcraft, according to Newsweek.
Much of the United States assumes Wicca is a bunch of hocus-pocus, but Nina Neilson, 19, highlights how Wicca represents the relationship between the individual and the universe.

In the Mx: Edition 2

Elise answers:
1. I’ve been dating my partner for a long time, and we want to mix things up a little. Do you have some advice for both romantic and sexual ways to change things up?
2. How do you find a rebound after a long term relationship? Is a rebound a good idea?

A Jolly Would Recommend

Welcome to “Would Recommend,” the new and improved version of “Gigi’s Corner: A Column,” the column in which I write about things that spark joy in my life and then rate them on a 10 point scale. Sort of like if Marie Kondo wrote Yelp reviews. There are plenty of things in my life that don’t spark joy (when it’s 60 degrees in December because of climate change, Happiest Season on Hulu), but here in the column we like to keep things positive.

elementary backstroke

Alissa Simon (she/her); Washington, DC— my hands, clenched against my thighs, sweep  into sleepy circles drawn by my elbows to carry great bushels of water soiled black by shade on either side of my hips only to then tip upwards, outwards, branching the blue underbellies of my arms the bleeding, ballpoint faces of my wrists Continue reading “elementary backstroke”

In the Mx: Getting Started

Elise English answers:
1. How can you start a relationship during quarantine?
2. How do you use Tinder effectively? Can you even use Tinder effectively?
3. Do you have some advice on having sex for the first time with someone who is more experienced? How do you manage the insecurities that come with that?