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Imprint’s Love, Sexuality & Relationships Advice Column

Hi, I’m Elise, your local non-binary mom friend who’s here to help you with your adventures in relationships (casual and otherwise). Got a question? Fill out the form, and I’ll do my best to help!

In the Mx: Edition 2

Elise answers:
1. I’ve been dating my partner for a long time, and we want to mix things up a little. Do you have some advice for both romantic and sexual ways to change things up?
2. How do you find a rebound after a long term relationship? Is a rebound a good idea?

In the Mx: Getting Started

Elise English answers:
1. How can you start a relationship during quarantine?
2. How do you use Tinder effectively? Can you even use Tinder effectively?
3. Do you have some advice on having sex for the first time with someone who is more experienced? How do you manage the insecurities that come with that?

Elise English, the creator of “In the Mx”

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