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We’re committed to sharing the voices of our generation.

The members of The Imprint board became friends at the 2019 Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute. Many months later, this group of friends decided to use their passion for journalism to create this publication. We’re excited to use this platform to elevate the voices of Generation Z.

Abigail Murphy: Editor-in-chief

Abigail, originally from Arlington, Virginia, is currently taking a gap year and will be attending Williams College as a member of the class of 2025. For Imprint, she has an advice column called “Hey Abby,” and she manages and edits the site’s content. Her favorite pieces to write are profiles, personal narratives, anything funny and anything about the earth. Outside of journalism, she loves running, drawing, painting and spending time outside.


Julia Robbins: Founder

Julia, originally from New York City, is a freshman at The Washington University in St. Louis. She enjoys writing feature articles and profiles. Outside of journalism, she enjoys basketball, strumming the good ‘ole uke, and losing to her family in poker.


Martha Lewand: Managing Editor, Advice Editor

Martha, originally from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, is an international studies major and freshman at the University of Michigan. She has a column for Imprint called “martha speakZ,” and hopes to write about a plethora of topics at UMich to gain as much journalistic experience as possible. In addition to writing, she loves to hang out with friends and her dog, laugh, go on walks, travel, read and drink way too much coffee.


Adam Levine: Copy Editor, Creative Writing Editor

Adam, originally from Brookeville, Maryland, is taking a gap year before he attends Yale University. He loves writing anything features, especially human interest stories, and dabbles in photography. Outside of journalism, he enjoys singing (despite being quite mediocre), theatre, and playing video games.


Camila Trimberger: Creative Writing Editor, Social Media Manager

Camila, originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a journalism major and freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her favorite mediums are broadcasting and radio, but she has the most experience in print. Outside of writing, you can find Camila watching movies, updating her bullet journal or raving about her hometown.


Isabel Funk: Opinions Editor

Isabel, originally from Mercer Island, Washington, is a journalism major and freshman at Northwestern University. Her favorite pieces to write are features and investigations, but she also enjoys personal narratives. Outside of journalism, she plays volleyball, spends time with her pets, and drinks tea with her family.


Anna Brodsky: Narratives Editor

Anna, originally from Los Angeles, California, is a freshman at Brown University and an English and political science major. Her favorite stories to write are features and narratives, and she loves reading opinions/editorials. Outside of journalism, her hobbies include baking, reading, backpacking and arguing.

Staff Writers

Gigi Silla

Washington, DC

Nadia Hernandez

Chicago, IL

Elise English

San Francisco, CA

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