“Excuse Me Miss”- Street harassment and cat calling

Braiden Wade— Introduction A woman pulls up to the gas station, gets out of the car, and starts pumping her gas. The woman, trying her hardest to look unapproachable, hears a man say from afar,  “You too pretty to be frowning, smile for me.” The woman ignores him, “Damn B****, can’t get no response.” TheContinue reading ““Excuse Me Miss”- Street harassment and cat calling”

How getting informed has changed my world

Emmet Jamieson; Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania— I’ve been writing news articles for over two years now. I wrote for my high school paper as a junior and senior, contributed articles to my town’s newspaper and magazine and spent the summer before senior year attending a journalism program at Northwestern University. I love writing news so much thatContinue reading “How getting informed has changed my world”

Mississippi’s state flag is gone, but the work is far from over

Violet Jira— To be Black in Mississippi is to exist in a constant state of ambivalence.  I love my state immensely, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that love is misplaced, if my state loves me back.  I grew up in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, between the cotton fields and beneathContinue reading “Mississippi’s state flag is gone, but the work is far from over”

The plight of the sebaceous teen: Preventing ‘maskne’ during COVID

Matthew Chen— Over time, masks and face coverings become cesspools of dirt and bacteria which can lead to “maskne” (mask acne) if not properly treated. Quarantine is hard enough without a face full of painful pimples; thankfully, there are simple ways to help prevent this scourge.  It is important to differentiate the two types ofContinue reading “The plight of the sebaceous teen: Preventing ‘maskne’ during COVID”

Being pro-choice in a conservative state

Anvitha Reddy— Surrounded by my liberal peers, I gave speech after speech analyzing progressive policy and debating it’s nuances. In my bubble of traditionally liberal high school debate, I almost felt safe from the attacks on my human rights happening across the nation and sometimes forgot I lived in one of the country’s most conservativeContinue reading “Being pro-choice in a conservative state”