today, tomorrow, and the next day

Talia Rodriguez (she/her); Garrett Park, MD—

today i am in a new place

tomorrow i will be home

and the next day i will be off again

papa says its normal

mommy says she won’t cry

apocalypse descending

maybe i like the chaos

i dream of big windows, airy

a view of the greenery, students scattering

doesn’t seem like the apocalypse?

does it?

today i am on top of a hill

tomorrow in the swamp

the next day in the middle

today i dance

tomorrow i’ll sing

the next day i’ll perform

here, today, this feels like a dream

another realm of being

what’s hard about living is always looking to the next

today i am satisfied

a hard day of work-

lugging crystals from the catacombs

a nice dinner pasta

(maybe a little too watery)

and a beautiful sunset

is there such a thing as coping?

can i even miss something that’s as deeply me as myself?

i am off to live.

to leave the cocoon.

i’ll bring myself and everything i know with me.

i will cry.

but i will laugh, too

fuck it’s scary

but that’s why i am doing it.


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